Code of Conduct

As a Bowls Victoria Affiliated club, the Rosanna Bowling Club is bound by the following Code of Conduct

Every person: spectator, player, club member, official, participant, administrator, coach, parent or member of the community involved with the sport, should work to ensure:

  • inclusion of every person regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation
  • inclusion of every person regardless of their race, culture or religion
  • opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in the sport and develop to their full potential
  • respect is shown towards match committees, voluntary workers, fellow players, contractors or employees, other members, visitors, the club and the broader community
  • a safe and inclusive environment for all
  • elimination of violent, abusive or disrespectful behaviour
  • protection from sexual harassment or intimidation

This Code applies to community sport, training, pennant, tournaments and club sanctioned activities.


Abuse: Is a form of harassment and includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and abuse of power. Examples of abusive behaviour include bullying, humiliation, verbal abuse and insults.

Harassment: Regular annoying or unpleasant behaviour towards someone, including unwanted sex-related behaviour towards somebody, e.g. touching somebody or making suggestive remarks.